Our comprehensive Support Services offer you a range of options to fit your individual needs. And our expertise in a variety of networks and equipment ensures that we can help solve any problem you may have. Because one minute of downtime is unacceptable, we stay accessible.

Unlimited Helpdesk

With our Unlimited Helpdesk services, you’re one call away from a professional that knows and understands every piece of equipment and technology in your home. This means you can expect to spend less time explaining your problem for faster solutions. From remote assistance through desktop sharing to references provided via video instructions, Unlimited Helpdesk empowers you with the information and support needed to keep things working perfectly.

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Data Backup, Recovery & Security Audit

Whatever level of data storage and protection you need, we can deliver. We provide 24/7 automatic backup with tertiary redundancy. That means your data is stored in three different locations to offer you enhanced security and the peace of mind that comes with knowing that you will never lose a file.

If you require more security, our removable storage option literally puts your data under lock and key within a safe.

To keep your data even more secure, with our Security Audit we’ll create a plan to safeguard your data from corruption or theft, check your user names and passwords to ensure that they are strong and give you a way to easily manage it all.


With our 24/7 Network Monitoring services, we can provide you with solutions to any technology or equipment issues before you know there’s a problem.

Well versed in any and all systems running in your home, we’re able to understand and treat the health of your network at any point in time. This proactive take on technical support prevents problems and greatly reduces the amount of downtime troubleshooting.

Additionally, Remote Assistance allows us to resolve computer issues by connecting to your desktop. Quick and convenient, we can provide you with a high level of technical support without intruding on your time or space.

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